Accredited Member Program

Recognizing your education, experience, dedication, and aspirations

Established in 1997, the IAAO Member Accreditation program acknowledges the efforts of members to keep on top of developments in the industry through continued education and ongoing service.

Belonging to IAAO is in itself a reflection of your dedication to the assessing profession. By participating in IAAO's courses, workshops, seminars and through hands-on experience you are stepping up to the next level. IAAO wants to recognize your accomplishments by conferring the status of "IAAO Accredited" on members who meet the following criteria:

  • IAAO member in good standing with a minimum of three years experience in the assessing profession.
  • Successful completion of 180 hours of IAAO courses, workshops, and seminars, including courses 101, 102, 300, and 400 and workshop 171 (No substitutions or course waivers will be accepted.)
  • Completion of a 15-hour workshop on USPAP (IAAO Workshop 151 or equivalent) in addition to the course hours listed above

If you meet these requirements, reward yourself. Become IAAO Accredited!

To apply for the Accredited Member Status, complete the application and return it to IAAO with the required proof of education and the application fee.

Accredited Member Application Form

Once approved, you will receive a certificate and a letter in the mail authorizing your use of the "IAAO Accredited" status on your stationery, business cards and other business communications.


IAAO Accredited Members must pay an annual fee and continue their education to maintain the status. Members must renew their status every five years by completing at least 30 hours of IAAO education in addition to USPAP updates. Details provided upon accreditation.

For more information on this program, contact IAAO at 800-616-4226 or via email.