Building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion From a Foundation of Emotional Intelligence

The Emotionally Effective Leader Workshop

Presented by Christine Watkins Davies, MA, PCC and Zach Montroy, SPHR
November 3, 4, 17 and 18 (all Noon to 4:00 pm CST) 

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is a leader’s ability to understand their own emotions and how they affect the workplace as well as how to manage others’ emotions. It is a key component to being an effective and intentional leader. The Emotionally Effective Leader Workshop provides attendees with a deeper understanding of Emotional Intelligence as well as a key set of tools to be the well-rounded leader needed in today’s environment.

Originally set for September, the workshop will now take place Nov. 3, 4, 17, and 18.   Registration is now closed.

Alternating between group activities and individual reflective exercises, this engaging workshop encourages your team to focus on their leadership strengths and areas they can develop further. Leveraging results from leaders’ EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Reports, participants of this session will learn the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and leave with a better understanding of his or her strengths and areas to develop to enhance their leadership skills, as well as an action plan on how to increase his or her effectiveness.

Throughout the workshop, participants will also experience exercises to bring awareness to their personal biases and how that impacts their emotional intelligence. Layered throughout the sessions will be individual exercises to create shared language for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism, gain a better understanding and awareness of effective action in the DEI & Anti-racism spaces. The workshop will be a virtual space to have brave conversations!


● Increase participants' understanding of emotional intelligence and its role in effective leadership.
● Create understanding of emotional intelligence using the EQ-i 2.0 model as a platform.
● Enable participants to identify specific areas in their own EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Reports and build an action plan to work on areas to develop further and leverage strengths.
● Each participant will complete an EQi 2.0 Online Assessment prior to workshop and will receive their individualized 27-page report at the session.
● Articulate strengths and identify specific areas in their own emotional intelligence that they wish to develop.
● Identify and understand how aspects of emotional intelligence lead to derailing behaviors.
● Apply what they have learned in the session by developing a personal EQ-i 2.0 learning plan.


This 16-hour workshop (divided into four half-day workshops) is for individuals who are ready to increase their skills in diversity, equity, inclusion and emotional intelligence and understand the impact it has in their leadership. A special focus on mindfulness strategies will also be incorporated throughout.

This program is designed to be an interactive session driving towards understanding, collaborative learning and development of a personal action plan to be more inclusive and emotionally intelligent leaders.


● Leadership Effectiveness Framework: Understanding mental models, core beliefs, technical skills and the impact they have on our leadership.
● Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: Exploring the soft and technical leadership skills and make the connection to emotional intelligence (why we are here?).
● Understanding the Tenants of Emotional Intelligence: Understanding the EQi 2.0 model of Emotional Intelligence and reviewing the results of each participant’s results.
● Transformational Leadership: Exploring why optimal emotional effectiveness is important and the correlation between transformational leadership and Emotional Intelligence.
● Personal Ownership: In order to shift mindsets for ourselves and others in regards to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism, we need to identify what we need to “own” in order to have effective and proactive conversations and to advocate for others.
● Leadership Derailers: Understanding blindspots and mitigating leadership derailers.
● The Knowing / Doing Gap and Developing Action Plans: Time and attention to developing action plans will be provided for all participants.


The cost to register is $225 for IAAO members and $365 for nonmembers. The deadline to register is Friday, Oct. 15 in order for participants to receive and complete the EQi 2.0 Online Assessment prior to workshop. Participants will receive their individualized 27-page report at the session.