2021 Virtual Conference FAQ

Virtual Conference Website Access
Registered Virtual attendees can sign into the Virtual Conference website here.

Retrieving Your Verification Code
If you did not receive your verification code, please consider the following:
•  Ensure you are entering the same email you registered with for the event.
•  Check spam and junk folders for the email with the verification code.
•  The email or text with the verification code should be triggered in less than a minute.
•  If you still do not receive the verification code, contact Once you’re logged in, you will stay logged into the event for 24 hours if you accept website cookies.

All Sessions Page
This tab lists all the sessions you can attend in chronological order. The page will appear in the time zone of the event by default, but you can adjust the times to the time zone you are viewing in for ease of use. Click on the session name to access the content of the session. You also can add or remove sessions from your personalized schedule on this page.

Exhibitors Page
On this page, you can view all the exhibitors for the event. Click an exhibitor’s name to access information about them and their virtual booth. Exhibitors are tagged based on whether they have a virtual meeting available for you to join or are an event sponsor. All exhibitors are listed in alphabetical order but are searchable and can be filtered based on the type of exhibitor you’d like to view more information about.

Accessing an Exhibitor Virtual Booth
By clicking an exhibitor’s name on the Exhibitor Page, you will have access to their virtual booth. This page has information about the exhibitor, ways to connect with them via social media, and ability to join their virtual meeting room if they have one. You can also see and files or links the exhibitor has included.

Sponsors Page
This page lists all event sponsors at their specific tiers. Click a sponsor’s name to be taken to their page and access information about them. 

Joining a Session
Select the ‘Join Now’ button when you are ready to access the content. A video will pop open and you will be able to view the content. If you are viewing the session during the time it is aired, you can pause the content, but it will not hold your place. If you are watching a recording, you can pause and play the video like usual.

Video not playing?
Log out then back into the website
Clear browser cache
If you're using a VPN, disconnect
Ensure your browser is updated, please use Chrome or Firefox

Attendee Support
If you need assistance, please contact