Conference Speaker Resources

On behalf of the Conference Committee, thank you for agreeing to be an important part of the 87th Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration.  
Specific information is needed from each presenter.  Materials and information along with deadlines are detailed on this page.

Submission of all but the final completed presentation is through this link.

Contact Conference Committee staff liaison at or 816-701-8161 with any questions.

By May 15, each presenter should submit:
Signed Presenter Letter of Agreement 
Brief biography (for your introduction and the mobile app)
Note if there is a preferred moderator for your session. 

By May 15, the main presenter (defined as the person listed as submitting during the Call for Presentation) should submit a Timed Outline of the presentation

Timed outline sample

Before July
Access the PowerPoint template to be utilized during your session found here.  The Conference Committee suggests including your name, jurisdiction / company and contact information on the final slide. 
PowerPoint Template

During July  

Watch the webinar Effective Conference Presentations: Strategy, Practice and Execution by Peter Kienle provided via a complimentary link on this page during July.  Also review the IAAO presenter video series below. 

Speaker Prep Video Series

The IAAO Speaker PREP video series now available, just in time for 2021 conference presenters to put these practical, usable, public-speaking strategies into action. Through the videos speakers and presenters will learn the  PREP approach to effective public speaking preparation and delivery in four bite-sized, animated videos. Check out the following videos.

Welcome to the Speaker PREP Series!  In the following videos, you'll learn practical, usable tips for any public speaking engagement. 

Empathy is the key to public speaking effectiveness! Learn how you can show your audience that you are thinking of them. 

Learn the 4 phases of practicing for a public speaking event and how to approach each phase!
Link to the practice log:

Even the most experienced public speakers get nervous. Learn how to work WITH your nerves - not against them!
Link to the Coping Strategies PDFF:

If you could have coverage for if and when things go wrong in your presentation, wouldn't you?? Learn how to handle three of the most common mishaps like a public speaking pro!
Link to the First Aid Kit Checklist:

By July 30

Submit your final PowerPoint presentation and narrative / brief paper using this link

Register for the conference. July 16 is the Early Bird Deadline for the lowest rate.

All presenters are expected to register for the conference. A discount of $200 off the current posted full conference rate is available to a limited number of presenters.  Discount will automatically appear for speakers registering electronically.  (Other discounts e.g. exhibitor and volunteer take precedence.) 

Scholarships may be available.  See the IAAO website for more information.

Election campaigning

Speakers and moderators should not endorse candidates or potential candidates or have campaign materials visible during their session. 
IAAO Bylaws 7.5.F. “Members doing IAAO business, such as IAAO instructor or committee member assignments, shall not engage in any political activity on behalf of themselves or other IAAO candidates when on an instructing assignment or when representing IAAO.”

In Chicago at the Conference

Check in at the Speaker Ready Room 30 minutes before your session is set to begin. The location is the “Group Office” Room just outside of Grand Ballroom F at the Chicago Hyatt.  Conference Committee members will be available to greet you and provide any last minute guidance.

Standard set-up for education session rooms will be:
  • Podium with microphone
  • Lavaliere microphone
  • Laptop computer with PowerPoint 
  • LCD projector with remote control
  • Laser pointer
  • Screen

Only sessions in the ballroom will have hard wired Internet access. 


Speaker Badge

IAAO encourages presenters to use a conference speaker badge in your email signature and post in social media about your presentation. 

Speaker Badge

Sample language for posts (you may also want to add your session title and time):
“Excited to be presenting at the #IAAO 2021 Annual Conference in Chicago on August 29 – September 1, 2021.”

“Excited to be presenting at the #IAAO2021 Annual Conference in Chicago on August 29 – September 1, 2021.”

“Excited to be presenting at the IAAO 2021 Annual Conference in Chicago on August 29 – September 1, 2021.”