2017 Conference Roundtables 

Tuesday, September 26
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Provide input, ask questions and engage with your peers on a topic at lunch on Tuesday.  Led by a facilitator, roundtables will provide a forum to focus on a specific subject and meet others with similar issues of interest.

IAAO Designations and You

Join members of IAAO's Professional Designation Subcommittee to discuss the designation program and its recent developments. If you are thinking about pursuing a designation or have questions about your candidacy, this is your opportunity to speak to those who know in a conversational setting.  
Tracy Drake, CAE, RES, AAS, ASA, CFE
Clay County, FL

IAAO Course Developers and Reviewers: An Overview

How many times have you sat in a class and thought… “I wish I could be an IAAO Course developer!”  Here’s your chance! IAAO is looking to increase the current pool of prospective course and workshop developers and reviewers. Join us to discuss how you can leverage your technical knowledge and writing skills to increase the value of the IAAO education experience.  We will talk about IAAO’s course development and review program, field questions on how the process works, and how to become an approved IAAO course developer/reviewer.
Brad Eldridge
Douglas County, KS

Character Based Leadership

This roundtable is geared for those individuals interested in becoming exemplary leaders in their organization, whether from the process team level or administrative level. We will discuss principles adopted from the books, "Encouraging the Heart" by Kouzes & Posner, and "Character Based Management" by Beezat. To quote Kouzes & Posner, "It's about why encouragement is absolutely essential to sustaining people's commitment to organizations and outcomes," as well as “how to guide others to places they’ve never been before”…in their day to day work and careers.  
Opal Hudson, CFE, FL State Cert. RE Appr., CSM, Certified Public Manager
Hillsborough County, FL

Valuing Marijuana Facilities: How High Can they Go?

This roundtable will discuss the implications of valuing marijuana facilities which have federal and state level issues to consider. Should the increased rates be offset by the risk involved? How complicated should we as assessors make this? Is it as simple as using a cap rate and calling it a day? What do states who have legalized it have to say about such valuations?
Ryan DeLeon, RES, AAS
Adams County, CO

Solar Farms

With the increase in solar farms, and changing solar technologies the valuation of these properties has become more challenging.  Discussions will include obsolescence, income tax credits (ITCs), real property versus personal property, and depreciable lives of equipment.
J. David Denman
Clark County, NV

Hydroponics; Farming or Manufacturing? 

This round table will discuss the evolution of farming.  What is Hydroponic Farming?  You may have heard the terms Urban Farming, Boutique Farming or Modern farming.  Has this type of farming become a hybrid manufacturing process?
Melinda Fonda
Town of Stratford, CT

Helping Jurisdictions and Counties . . .  One at a Time

IAAO’s Technical Assistance has been providing consulting services to many jurisdictions for the past 20 years. Exciting changes have been implemented to provide improved and expanded services; come meet the new “Professional Services Consulting LLC of IAAO.” and learn what services have been provided in the past and are contemplated for the future.  Also learn what it takes to be part of this new and exciting initiative as a client or consultant.
Charley Colatruglio, CAE

The Room Sharing Economy 

The exponential growth in the nightly rental business (AirBnB, VRBO, HomeStay, FlipKey, etc.) has caused regulatory and taxation issues for jurisdictions worldwide.  Some welcome this business model in their community, but many others are battling corporate giants. This discussion topic will focus on issues that most affect the assessment community including valuation issues, how these properties are classified (e.g. residential vs. commercial), difficulties in identifying specific units/properties, and the effect on the surrounding neighborhood and related markets.  
Shawn T. Ordway, MBA
City of St. Louis, MO

Golf Course Valuation

In this roundtable, discussions relating to a golf courses highest and best use, development of the traditional three approaches to value, consideration of personal property and business value, if warranted, and the reconciliation process.  Discussion on comparable sales (i.e., resort, municipal, semi-private, etc.) and development of the income approach (i.e., private clubs, semi-private clubs, municipal, etc.).   What data is available to the jurisdictional appraiser to develop a golf course value and review of golf course appeals.
Ken Voss, CAE
Kenneth Voss and Associates

Tiny Homes/Small Homes – Challenges to and Opportunities for the Assessor

The tiny/small home movement is likely to continue to grow. This roundtable will distinguish between tiny homes, tiny homes on wheels and small homes. It will discuss the socio economic reasons for the growth of the movement. The most interesting aspect may be the discussion on how they should be valued when they are built in your jurisdiction. They can be isolated and scarce or they can be part of a planned community. Each situation offers an opportunity to flex your appraisal skills. 
Richard Borst, PhD
Tyler Technologies, Inc

Drones: How can new technology potentially add value in the assessment process?

In this roundtable discussion, we will be evaluating the future use of drones in assessing properties during the annual review process and the appeals process. Will this technology enable assessors to find additional value or assess property condition more efficiently in areas not easily seen with traditional imagery? This roundtable will also provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss the advantages of the technology and the barriers of adoption into the workflow.
David (Chalky) Petterson
Heidi McIntosh

2017 Annual Conference Premier Sponsor