Niagara Falls

Conference Round Tables

Tuesday, September 10
12:00 – 1:00 pm

Pick Up Lunch in Exhibit Halls A & B and the Round Tables will be held in Exhibit Hall C.
Provide input, ask questions and engage with your peers on a topic at lunch on Tuesday. Led by a facilitator, Round Tables will provide a forum to focus on a specific subject and meet others with similar issues of interest.

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IAAO Professional Consulting Services

Facilitated by:  Larry Clark, CAE, IDEC, IAAO
How may I help you? IAAO PCS is in full operation serving members by matching jurisdiction needs with member consultants with the necessary expertise. If you would like to learn more about how PCS can help your jurisdiction or how you might help another jurisdiction, stop by and let’s talk.

Certificate of Excellence is Assessment Administration (CEAA)

Facilitated by: Terry R. Taylor, CAE, RES, AAS, Orange County, FL
The Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration (CEAA) is an IAAO certification available to each jurisdiction. This is a comprehensive self-evaluation of the procedures, process and practices performed in your office. A round table discussion will identify benefits of receiving the CEAA and answer questions of getting started, organizing a team and completing the self-evaluation. Join us at the CEAA round table to understand benefits of excellence for your office and community.

Professional Designations Q & A

Facilitated by:  Grady (Cecil) Jackson, RES, AAS, Mecklenburg County, NC
What is the best route for the designation you seek? What fits your professional goals and work life? Join members of IAAO’s Professional Development Committee to discuss your questions regarding designations and more.  This session will be covering the required application and course requirements for candidates to reach their professional goal; the IAAO Professional designation(s). If you are thinking of pursuing a designation or have questions about candidacy or recertification requirements, the Round Table has your answers. Bring questions about your fit in the many programs that are offered and learn from other’s inquiries.

Sate and Provincial Property Tax

Facilitated by: Patrick Santoso, Axiomatic
Join state and provincial Property Tax Directors and Administrators and staff to discuss issues that affect state and provincial property taxation oversight and administration. To support an exciting and dynamic discussion, please come prepared to provide a 5 minute overview of what your state or provincial property tax division is responsible for and the challenges you face. Discussion topics include state (centrally) assessed valuation (utility, railroad, pipeline), data accessibility, ratio studies and equalization, transfer tax administration, exemption and credit administration, assessment oversight and much more.

Assessing Non-Profits

Facilitated by: Stuart Topliff, CCMA II, Town of Rocky Hill, CT
When you think of a "nonprofit" what do you think of? Most likely, you think of a group making a difference in your community. Maybe you are thinking of a large organization, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters or Make-a-Wish, or maybe you think about a local animal shelter or community theatre. What makes an organization non-profit? What are the different IRS classifications for non-profits? Are they exempt or not? What questions should you ask? What documentation should they provide?

Safety in the Workplace

Facilitated by: Steven Miner, City of Milwaukee, WI
This Round Table will cover issues on how a jurisdiction addresses safety issues including active shooter training. Topics will include safety procedures, who is in charge within a jurisdiction, getting input and buy-in, and resources. Participants are encouraged to share their concerns about providing a safe and secure work environment. The discussion will include examples from Milwaukee and a look at the Milwaukee Field Safety Manual.

Highly Unique Properties

Facilitated by: Kara Endicott CAE, RES, Johnson County, KS
"But I can’t find a comparable for this property!" How many times have you said this to yourself? We all have those parcels in our jurisdictions we struggle to value each year, either because they are designed for a specific purpose or they stand out as unique in your market place. Join us for a round table discussion at this year’s annual conference to find new ideas and hear how others are dealing with similar situations in their areas. Bring your questions and bring your knowledge as we try to help each other out with valuing our highly unique properties.

Lodging Valuation

Facilitated by: Ken Voss, CAE, Kenneth Voss & Associates
Valuing lodging facilities is not for the faint hearted. The appraiser must consider real property, personal property, and at times 'the going concern'. Reviewing the annual operating and expense data may not be sufficient to fully understand the complexities in valuing a lodging facility. In this Round Table the focus will be on segmentation, management and incentive fees, personal property tax, replacement allowance, and capitalization rates. A discussion on residual intangibles relating to brand affiliation and how the brand (name) affects value.

Politics in the Assessor’s Office

Facilitated by: Robert (Bob) Henriquez, Hillsborough County, FL
Being fair, honest and providing quality service to the public would not seem to be particularly political in nature. The reality is that politics increasingly plays a role in the function of the assessor’s offices. Join us as we discuss recent political trends and related court decisions that affect our offices. Do we support or even believe in partisan or non-partisan elections? If the assessor is appointed does it make the office more or less political? What does the increasingly partisan and divisive political climate mean for Assessor’s offices? How do we minimize political pressures and influences on the office? Join us as we have a free and likely spirited discussion about the taboo topic of politics?

Rural Solutions

Facilitated by: Shaun Christofferson, Crook County, OR
Small/rural jurisdictions often face assessment issues that are less common in larger ones. Discuss some of these hurdles and solutions used to overcome them. Bring your own experiences to share or just listen to what has worked to solve an assessment office or jurisdiction’s roadblocks for a quality and efficient assessment department.

What women want

Facilitated by: Tiffany Opheikens, RES, Weber County, UT
A roundtable to start a conversation on what the women of The IAAO want.  What direction they want  to see the Women’s Initiative go.  We are here to listen so come let us know how we can help you.

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