For IAAO President-Elect

Wade Patterson


County Assessor (retired)
Garfield County, Oklahoma

IAAO Involvement and Leadership
• Executive Committee, VP 2020
• Governance Committee, 2019
• Board of Directors, 2016-2018
• Budget/Finance Committee, 2018 and 2020
• Exhibitors Advisory Council, 2016-2018
USPAP Committee, 2015
• Executive Director Search Committee, 2015
• Infrastructure Review Committee, 2013-2014
• Communications Committee, 2007-2012, Chair 2011-2012

State Leadership
• Oklahoma State Board of Equalization Sub-Committee, Appointed by Gov. Kevin Stitt
• Task Force on Comprehensive Tax Reform, Representing Gov. Mary Fallin
• State Geographic Information Systems Council, Appointed by Gov. Brad Henry
• Oklahoma Assessor’s Wind Committee, Chair 2016-2017
• Oklahoma Assessor’s Oil & Gas Committee, 1998-2017, Chair 2000-2006
• Oklahoma Assessor’s Legislative Committee 2000-2015, Chair 2009-2015
• Oklahoma Assessor’s Association Board of Directors, 2006-2011, President 2009
• Oklahoma Assessor’s Association Agriculture Committee

Oklahoma IAAO Chapter
• Board of Directors, 2000-2005, President 2004-2005
• George Keyes Award, 2013

IAAO Instruction and Training
• Getting to Know Your Legislators, 2016 Tampa Conference
• Working with the Media, Crafting a Positive Message for Your Jurisdiction, 2012 Kansas City Conference
• Wind Farm 101 Webinar (With Gary Snyder, RES), 2012
• Social Media and Your Jurisdiction, What You Need to Know, 2011 Phoenix Conference
• From Old to New, Building a Better Environment, 2010 Orlando Conference
• Leveraging Technology to do More with Less, 2010 GIS CAMA Conference, Little Rock
• Old School vs. New Rules, 2009 Louisville Conference
• Keeping Up with and Understanding Technology, 2005 Alaska Conference
• Oklahoma Tax Commission Annual Conference, Presenter multiple times
• County Assessor’s Association of Oklahoma Annual Conference, Presenter multiple times

My goals if elected are:
Ensure the IAAO remains the recognized expert in the Ad Valorem profession. Develop ways to mentor and foster new leaders within the organization, strengthen our current membership while looking for innovative ways to recruit new members. Focus on providing the highest quality education, focusing on online offerings, at the most affordable cost to members.