For Board of Directors - Region 2

Samantha Steele


Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals/Leanor Group
Lake County, Indiana

Samantha has over 15 years of real estate professional experience with a focus on assessment practices, management, and leadership experience.

Samantha has a solid history of building relationships within local communities as well as various area government officials, with a proven history of providing strategic direction, administrative guidance, and financial oversight.

Having held office as an elected County Assessor in the State of Indiana, Samantha also served as a Director in both Marion County, Indiana, and Cook County Assessor Offices. 

In addition, she has worked with assessors throughout the United States to perform best practices for property assessment analyses for real and personal property in a variety of assignments.

She has instructed numerous courses on assessing and appraising commercial properties, working with assessment software systems, and implementing policies and procedures for special issue properties.

She has experience with various CAMA systems, multiple regression modeling, SPSS, SQL, Oracle, and ratio studies, as well as various other programs commonly utilized in the property assessment industry.

Purdue University, KIAD, RECP, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Indiana DLGF, IAAO, Certified Level III Assessor/Appraiser.

•  New Community School Board Member
•  Lafayette Art Museum
•  League of Woman Voters
•  Young Elected Officials
•  Presenter IAAO 2018 and 2019 Conference
•   Association of Indiana Counties
•  CREW Chicago