IAAO Expense Guidelines


It is the policy of IAAO to reimburse the expenses of the persons who engage in authorized travel on its behalf, subject to the following guidelines. All meal expenses will be reimbursed based upon a Per Diem allowance. Please refer to the Meals and Miscellaneous Guidelines below.  

All other expenses must be documented with itemized, paid-in-full, receipts. IAAO does not reimburse expenses of a personal nature. Except for instructors, IAAO does not provide an honorarium for business travelers. All Travel Reimbursements are paid in US funds.

Effective March 1, 2019 IAAO will only accept expense reports electronically via Concur. Expense reports submitted in other way will NOT be paid. Instruction are located in the Reimbursement Guidelines page

Expense reports will NOT be paid if submitted more than 30 days after the date you incurred the expenses

Trip Policy 

In most instances reimbursement will be equal to or lesser than the number of days required for meetings. For example, an individual would normally arrive Thursday night, check out Sunday morning, and incur the equivalent of two days’ expenses for a two-day meeting held Friday and Saturday, even though the trip may have involved three calendar days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In some instances, it may be reasonable to shorten the trip, for example, by arriving the morning of the first day if the meeting starts late enough to permit this. 

Similarly, the transportation network at some locations may be inadequate to provide for timely arrival and departures; in such cases reimbursement can be made for lodging and miscellaneous expenses for up to one day in excess of the number of days of the meeting, but the involved individual must describe the circumstances in enough detail to permit an independent review of the reasonableness of the expenses.  

In a similar fashion, reimbursement may be made for lodging and meals and miscellaneous expenses for up to one day in excess of the number of the days of the meeting so the traveler can take advantage of discount airfares, provided that a clear saving to IAAO in total travel expenses is demonstrated.

Specific Expense Categories

  1. Transportation - The maximum reimbursable expense is equal to the total of direct coach airfare, train and any actual and necessary connecting bus, rapid transit, taxicab, or shuttle fares and must be documented with receipts. Automobile and parking expenses are reimbursable to the extent, if any, that they do not exceed airfare and taxi expenses. Parking expenses are reimbursed based upon actual documented expenses and are expected to be self-park when available; airport parking is expected to be Economy Parking when available and reimbursed with documentation; automobile expenses are based upon a standard allowance, effective with travel on or after 1/1/21 of $0.56 (cents) per mile, which includes the cost of gasoline. Car rental must have prior approval by the Executive Director. Inter-city bus fares, train fares, and airfare and similar expenses are reimbursable on the basis of actual expenses up to the maximum defined by the combination of direct coach airfare, and reasonable and necessary connecting ground transportation, as noted above. IAAO will not reimburse for overweight baggage, seat selections, extra leg room fees, Early Boarding fees, etc.
  2.  Lodging - For many meetings, especially board and committee meetings, room rates lower than posted room rates are negotiated with the hotel. Individuals are generally informed if this is the case at the time they are given their itineraries.  Reimbursement will be made for actual necessary expenses subject to a maximum equal to the lesser of the negotiated room rate, inclusive of taxes, or (if not applicable) the single room rate inclusive of taxes. Personal phone calls made from rooms will not be reimbursed, nor will incremental charges incurred by spouse's occupancy of a room. Internet service will not be reimbursed, nor is the use of the mini-bar in the room reimbursable. In general, no personal or unnecessary expenses will be reimbursed.
  3. Meals and Miscellaneous - Actual necessary expenses are reimbursable to a maximum of $100 per day. This is based on the following individual cost and shall include tax & tip: Dinner = $50, Lunch = $30, and Breakfast = $20 each; however, if IAAO provides one of the meals. Meals provided by IAAO in a group setting are not reimbursable. Please note that the cost of alcoholic beverages is not eligible for reimbursement. Meal expenses do NOT need to be itemized and documented. When travel covers less than an entire day, maximum meal reimbursement is 75% of the $100 = $75. (All amounts include taxes and tips
If submitting receipts paid in currency other than US dollars, please attach documentation of conversion rate, otherwise IAAO staff will use the most current exchange rate.