IAAO Timelines

Originally started in 2014 when the IAAO celebrated its 80th Anniversary and in recognition of this occasion, a historical timeline was developed to showcase the events shaping the first 80 years. This timeline is now being expanded to continue to capture all the great events in IAAO's continued history. Check out the timeline to find about the history of the IAAO!

How to use the timelines

  1. Click on the black arrow at the right in the top panel to navigate through the timeline.
  2. Click on the gray arrow at the bottom left in the gray bottom panel to return to the beginning of the timeline.
  3. To expand the events at the bottom, click on the + magnifying glass at the left of the gray bottom panel.  To contract the events, click on the – magnifying glass.
  4. To go to a specific event on the timeline, click on that event’s rectangle in the gray bottom panel.
  5. Click and drag the gray bottom panel to see all of the events on the timeline.