Exposure Drafts

Proposed Standard on Data Quality

The IAAO Data Quality Standard Phase II Task Force recently completed the draft Standard on Data Quality and the IAAO Board of Directors has approved its released for exposure.

The IAAO Data Quality (the "Standard")  defines quality requirements for critical elements of assessment data and provides guidance for meeting those requirements for use in mass appraisal. Assessment data for the purposes of this standard can be separated into property characteristic, economic, and geographic.  This standard addresses quality for both the collection of new inventory and the management of existing inventory. For all types of assessment data, this standard outlines the general requirements for accuracy, currency, consistency, and completeness. Specific local standards should be developed in accordance with this general standard.

Comments are due by March 12, 2021 and can be sent to Paul Bidanset at bidanset@iaao.org.

Download draft Standard on Data Quality

Posted February 11, 2021