For IAAO Vice President

Anthony "Sackey" Kweku

Director, Property Valuation Modeling
Department of Finance - Property Division
New York, New York

This year will be another milestone anniversary of 31 years of continuous membership in IAAO! 

The Association has given me more than I could have hoped for – education, commitment, network opportunities, camaraderie, and dedication to excellence in assessment and a sense of service. I would like to reciprocate to the IAAO members for these remarkable gifts by seeking the office as your Vice President.  

I served on the Executive Board of IAAO from 2009 to 2011. Prior to that, I was a two term President of KCIAAO. I was instrumental (with others) in convincing the Executive Board to award the 2012 Annual Conference to Kansas City.

IAAO Activities 

IAAO Member 1986-Present – 31 Years of continuous membership
Executive Board Member 2009-2011
Presidential Appointment Nominating Committee 2016 (resigned to run as Vice President)
President KCIAAO 2007-2008; 1999 - 2000
IAAO Conference Local Host Committee 2012
IAAO Audit Committee Chair 2011
Presidential Appointment Nominating Committee 2013
Presidential Appointment Ethics Committee 2006-2008
Presidential Appointment State Representative 2006-2014
Presidential Appointment Resolutions Committee, 1997-1998
Presidential Citation CAMA Contest - 1996
Attended 23 IAAO Conferences 1992-Present
Speaker at National Conferences


Master of Arts Economics University of Central Missouri 
Missouri Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser

Goals for IAAO

TOTAL support of the Vision 2020 strategic goals:
  1. IAAO course delivery methods with emphasis on mass appraisal valuation methods utilizing statistical training and technical support with regression based tools. 
  2. Grow the International membership with education strategically tailored for their respective countries.
  3. Continue to sustain and increase our presence in the United States with the goal for every Assessment/Appraisal jurisdiction becoming a member. 
I ask for your consideration, guidance, blessing and eventually, your vote in my endeavor to be become your vice president of your International Association of Assessing Officers.

Thank you in advance for your support.