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Excel Can Do That? Part 2.

Excel Can Do That? Part 2.
Presented by David Cornell, CAE
Recorded on November 15, 2017.
Additional Information:
IAAO Webinar Series - Most assessing offices are swimming in data. This webinar demonstrates how to take raw data and turn it into actionable insight by using some of Excel's most powerful analytical tools, including Solver (Excel's optimization tool) and Excel's 3D mapping. This webinar will also demonstrate how to create data models.

  • Discover how Solver is used in the valuation process
  • Discover how to create conditional formatting
  • Discover how to create Tables - setup and advanced features
  • Discover how to create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts (including how to add custom measures, including median values)
  • Discover how to connect Excel to different data sources
  • Discover how to create Data Models in Excel (very powerful!)
  • Discover how to use Power Query (one of the best new tools in Excel!)

Presented by David Cornell, CAE, MAI, Microsoft Certified Trainer

November 15, 2017

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