IAAO Board approves statement on diversity focusing on ensuring an equitable, inclusive IAAO environment
September 23, 2021 - The IAAO Board of Directors recently approved a diversity statement outlining that the Association can best fulfill the organization's mission and vision by ensuring all individuals experience an equitable, inclusive environment. The full statement, announced during the Opening Session at the IAAO Annual Conference in Chicago, is as follows:
IAAO is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a primary organizational core value. As a global community of diverse mass appraisal professionals, we can best fulfill our mission and vision by ensuring all individuals experience an equitable, inclusive IAAO environment. We incorporate DEI principles and practices into our goals of professional development, community engagement, communications and advocacy, and business innovation. To sustain this commitment, we implement meaningful metrics and measures. A diverse, equitable, and inclusive IAAO will continue to serve as a leader in making the assessment industry more reflective of the communities we serve.
As part of the release, IAAO President Greg McHenry, AAS and Opal Hudson, Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force filmed a video on the subject.
"We urge all members to support the efforts to make IAAO a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization where underrepresented groups are authentically invited, encouraged and supported on a pathway to success within the industry and leadership, both in volunteer and professional ranks," said President McHenry. "This is my vision for IAAO, and I hope that it is yours also."
The new diversity statement recognizes that the Board-approved IAAO Strategic Plan, Future Assessment 2025, clearly and explicitly expresses the organization’s prioritizing and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in IAAO and the profession. In addition, the first of six IAAO Core Values clearly states: “We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion,” and IAAO’s Vision also notes that “IAAO is to be recognized as a diverse and inclusive global leader…”
"The topic of diversity can be uncomfortable and challenging for many of us, but the Task Force has worked diligently to construct what we believe to be the foundation of a new and more inclusive future for IAAO and each of its members," said Ms. Hudson.
With a number of new people entering the workforce and the profession over the next few years, many younger employees are looking at an employer’s social role and the new statement will help IAAO attract and retain members from underrepresented groups, especially as IAAO’s traditional pool of potential members are aging out.
In addition, the statement will serve as a cornerstone and catalyst for developing and enhancing DEI-related IAAO policies, procedures, programs, projects, and services.
Going forward, IAAO will reference or link to it in conjunction with the organizational Strategic Plan, such as on the IAAO website and prominently utilize it in member recruitment and retention materials, especially in targeted outreach to underrepresented groups.
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