New version of IAAO Roll Call available for download
The 2022 edition of the United States’ Roll Call is now available for download from the IAAO website. Roll Call provides members a valuable resource through updated links to assessor certification requirements for every state in the U.S. RollCall4_2186578.png

Included in the edition are:
• The statutory language of every state’s certification requirements.
• The current features of both mandatory and voluntary certification programs, including whether exams or experience are required with coursework.
• Approved education course information.

The United States’ Roll Call is an original reference guide periodically updated to assist the valuation industry in promoting professional development globally. The Roll Call gives members quick links to vital educational information while providing comparative analyses to create benchmarks in educational requirements.

Findings from the Roll Call provide suggestions for action, enabling IAAO to accomplish its mission and goals. This comprehensive resource is designed to assist IAAO leadership, members, and government valuation offices by providing a quick reference to vital information on required criteria along with voluntary educational and experiential measures.

The 1992 compilation of similar assessor certification data was done by the IAAO Research Department and included three models: mandatory, incentive, and voluntary. The 2016 edition reduced these models to two: mandatory and voluntary. Incentives did not emerge as its own model but was woven into mandatory and voluntary programs. The 2022 Roll Call continues the use of this model.

Since the 1992 edition, findings reveal that the assessment industry continues to maintain a high level of professionalism through state-mandated certification programs for assessors.
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