Registration underway for January leadership course

Registration is underway for the next session of the National Association of Counties High Performance Leadership Academy, starting January 6, 2020. The Professional Development Academy, which runs the course, is working to establish a special leadership class of just assessment professionals.

The NACo High Performance Leadership Academy is an on-line 12-week program that empowers county government professionals with fundamental leadership skills to deliver results for counties and communities.

The retail price of the program is $1,995 per enrollee, naco_logo_small.pnghowever the first enrollee from each NACo member county receives a one-time NACo scholarship of $1,000 and a $500 discount for a final discounted price of $495.

Additional enrollees from NACo member counties receive a discount based on the number of enrollees per county. The cost for IAAO members who work for non-NACo members, such as an international organization, state or provincial group, private firm, or municipal assessor, is $1,695.

The program is built to accommodate busy work schedules without interfering with daily operational responsibilities. Participants must commit to spending about 3-5 hours per week engaged with the program to complete a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous activities along with a cohort of professional peers from other county governments as well as other public and private sector entities.
If you're interested in improving your leadership skills as a county leader, please contact Kevin Darrow, Director of Enrollment at PDA, with questions and to enroll: 503-765-5153 or 
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