IAAO Membership:
In May 2020, the IAAO Board of Directors established the Authoritative Text Taskforce. The charge of the taskforce is to provide updates to the IAAO Glossary for Property Appraisal and Assessment (c) 1997. Consistent with their duties, the task force is seeking input from assessment professionals related to:
1) Terms that are included in the existing Glossary that may be contradictory to your state laws, or practice.
2) Additional terms that should be incorporated into the Glossary, along with any recommendations of the definition for that term.
3) General thoughts and comments you would like the Task Force to consider as they proceed with their work.
Please enter any suggestions using the form below. Your input is valuable and greatly appreciated. IAAO values and appreciates it volunteers. The deadline to submit comments is Friday, December 4.
If you have any questions or additional input, please contact Tammy Brown, Staff Liaison to the Authoritative Text Taskforce at
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