Proposed Bylaws changes, candidates on November ballot

Several changes to the IAAO Bylaws have been approved to be on the ballot in November, including: (1) a change to the Association’s mission, (2) updating the professional conduct rules, and (3) establishing the President-Elect as Treasurer in addition to serving as Chair of the Finance Committee.


IAAO elections will take place Nov. 1-15, 2021 via email, and regular members will vote on candidates for President-Elect, Vice President, and Region representatives, along with whether to approve the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Associate members will vote only on the candidates for the Associate Board member.


The proposed Bylaws are available to download in a clean version to review, along with a marked up version showing highlighted additions and strikethroughs indicating removed text. The ballot will ask members to approve the revised document in its entirety. The following summarizes the proposed changes:

(1)    Article 2. Section 2.1. Mission.
Based on IAAO’s Articles of Incorporation and ongoing purpose, it is recommended the mission be restated to more accurately reflect the global, diverse composition of our Association as well as emphasize our expertise in the area of mass appraisal.

(2)    Article 3. Section 3.3. Professional Conduct.
In Section 3.3., it is recommended to replace the header from “Discipline” to “Professional Conduct” to more precisely define the intention of this Section to be proactive in the area of professional conduct rather than punitive. Further, under Section 3.3.A., the addition of “certificants (designees)” is being recommended to clarify that the Association’s Code of Ethics applies not only to IAAO members but also to certificants who hold a designation or certification through IAAO. It is recommended that Section 3.3.C. be struck and that any reference to disciplinary procedures and actions be incorporated in a broader context under Section 3.3.B.

(3)    Article 4. Officers.
Under Section 4.1, including B, E and F, and Section 4.2, it is recommended that as part of nonprofit best practices, the role of Treasurer be that of an elected volunteer rather than a responsibility of the Executive Director. This separation of duties provides an enhanced system of financial checks and balances for the Association while eliminating a conflict of interest for the Executive Director. Since the volunteer serving as President-Elect already chairs the Finance Committee, it is recommended that this position officially assume the duties of Treasurer. Respective sections of the Bylaws affected by these changes are being put forth for consideration, including striking the section related to Secretary-Treasurer and adding the Treasurer’s responsibilities under President-Elect, and the Secretary’s responsibilities under Executive Director, thereby clarifying the separation of duties between the two positions. Since authority is given in Section 4.1.F. for the Board to delegate execution of contracts to some other officer or agent of the Association, in addition to the Executive Director, it is recommended that Section 10.1.H. be removed as it conflicts with the authority given to the Board to allow this function to be delegated.

In addition to the proposed Bylaws changes, the following are the candidates up for election. Information on each individual is available by clicking on the candidate's name.



Pat Alesandrini, CAE, RES, Tampa, FL


Vice President

Lisa Hobart, CAE, PPS, FIAAO, Birmingham, MI

Rebecca Malmquist, CAE, Minneapolis, MN


Region 1

Kara Endicott, CAE, RES, Olathe, KS

Doug Warr, AAS, Norman, OK


Region 2

Greg Hutchinson, Howell, NJ


Region 3

Bobby T. Lee, AAS, Esq., Mount Juliet, TN



Jason Camp, Ph.D., Mississippi State, MS

Ryan Cavanah, CAE, Nashville, TN

Daniel Fasteen, Ph.D., Minneapolis, MN

If you have any comments, please send to Mindy Murphy-Watson at
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