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Your April Fair + Equitable is now available.

The cover story explores just as customers expect quality and great service when they shop at a high-end retailer, taxpayers expect exceptional customer service above and beyond the more traditional delivery of fair, transparent, and timely assessments from the assessor’s office. 
In addition, you'll read a review of IAAO activities in 2017 and also:
  • Efforts by the Maricopa County (Arizona) to maximizing people assets to achieve success
  • Registration for the IAAO Annual Conference in Minneapolis is now open and a schedule of sessions is listed.
  • The case for International Property Measurement Standards
  • An initial guide to IAAO Property Valuation Standards
  • IAAO Governance Committee is updating the Association's governing documents
We appreciate you being an IAAO Member! Please contact us with any questions about using your benefits and resources in 2018. We're here for you!

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