A pandemic, remote work, and 'the new normal' >
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of our society – including the way local government workforces perform their day-to-day operations. The virus forced employees out of their offices and into their homes. Essential workers have staggered their shifts and limited their interaction with the public and each other. Remote work has become the norm, and virtual service delivery has become critical, leaving many communities scrambling to digitize services. However, the pandemic might also be an opportunity to reassess the way we think about the way the work of local government is performed. Read more
Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb have slashed thousands of jobs. Salesforce and Visa are letting employees work remotely for months; Twitter and Square are allowing them to do so for good. For the companies’ hometown of San Francisco, the moves are early signs of a dire blow. In a city with a long history of booms, busts and natural calamities, the coronavirus pandemic has suddenly upended nearly a decade of prosperity. Read more
The coronavirus pandemic has already meant a costly drop in sales tax revenue for the Glenwood Springs Fire Department, and the economic devastation the pandemic is wreaking — combined with a state law called the Gallagher Amendment — means local governments’ property tax revenues will suffer for years to come. Read more
+ Run for the Board of Directors! The deadline is July 6 >
Members interested in running for the IAAO Board of Directors should submit candidate materials by July 6. Check out the Elections page for more information. Regular members in good standing will be able to vote electronically from Nov. 1-15, 2020, for the 2021 Regular Board Member and Officer positions. There will not be candidates for Associate Members in 2020. Read more
+ IAAO offering several Live Online courses in June and July >
IAAO will offer several courses in June and July in the Live Online format.  In June Live Online versions of  Course 101: Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal (30.0 CEUs) and Course 400: Assessment Administration (30.0 CEUs) will be offered and in July Live Online versions of Course 500: Assessment of Personal Property (30.0 CEUs) and Course 402: Tax Policy (30.0 CEUs) will be offered. Read more
+ Prepay for IAAO education deadline now June 30 >
Have you considered prepaying for IAAO courses? IAAO is offering jurisdictions the opportunity to prepay for online, self-study, or live online education courses at a 10% discount. To qualify for the discount, firms must pay in advance and payments must be received by IAAO before June 30, 2020, and then class(es) must be taken within 12 months of the initial arrangement. For questions or additional information, contact Ashley Lathrop, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, at 816-701-8125 or lathrop@iaao.org. More info
+ Free webinar: Using Excel in conducting ratio studies >
June IAAO webinars include a June 19 free webinar on Using Excel for Conducting Ratio Studies. The webinar, presented by Alan Dornfest, AAS, FIAAO, will demonstrate using an Excel template as he walks through the basics of starting out, inputting and filtering data, and using time adjusted options. This is a complimentary webinar for IAAO members.
+ U40 Leadership Lab seeks U40 grant nominations >
The U40 Leadership Lab is seeking nominations for the U40 Leadership Lab Grant. The grant is available to those members who have made tangible contributions/innovations in their assessment offices and are under 40 years old. The grant would provide financial aid to the selected applicants who would normally not be able to attend the annual conference. The grant form can be found and downloaded here: www.iaao.org/U40, and the submission deadline is June 15, 2020. Read more
+ IAAO has personalized training for R >
IAAO is now offering personalized training on the R software for modeling and spatial analysis, through screen sharing and video conferencing. Paul Bidanset, IAAO Valuation Research Project Manager (and Ph.D. candidate), who has presented at many IAAO and industry events on modeling and other topics, will be providing the training. You can learn R, using real data from your jurisdiction or with data supplied by IAAO. Contact Paul at bidanset@iaao.org for cost details on R training or any other specific training requests.
IAAO Connect Corner
+ Hot Topic: Excel spreadsheets for statistics >
IAAO Connect members are discussing Interior Observations of buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
+ IRS fails to pursue high-income nonfilers who owe $46 billion in back taxes, watchdog says >
The Internal Revenue Service watchdog TIGTA says the IRS is ignoring hundreds of thousands of delinquent high-income taxpayers who owe billions of dollars in total. That’s sobering news as millions of Americans still are gathering documents to file their 2019 tax returns by the July 15, 2020 deadline — pushed back from the normal April 15 deadline because of Covid-19. Most taxpayers (84%) pay their taxes in full and on time. Read more
Small-house senior living may be well-suited to handle the disruptions of the Covid-19 era. This may help boost the model’s popularity going forward — but the industry will first need to overcome obstacles regarding the way these communities are developed, financed and licensed. Read more
The Bannock County Assessor’s Office has developed new tools to provide property owners neighborhood-specific housing market data. New tax assessment notices, updating property valuations through Jan. 1, 2020, will be mailed on Monday, Assessor Sheri Davies said during a press conference last week. Residents can request a GIS map marking housing sales within a 1,500-foot radius, as well as a report on comparable homes sales in their areas. Read more
Applications for purchase mortgages gained for the seventh consecutive week to a level that was 18% higher than a year ago, further evidence that we’re headed into a strong summer home-buying season. A seasonally adjusted index measuring purchase applications jumped 5% last week, according to a report from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Just as mortgage applications progressively increased, applications for refinancings simultaneously fell 9% from the previous week, though the level was still 137% higher than a year ago, MBA said. Read more
While the novel coronavirus has swept the entire country (and the world), it has hit some cities harder than others. As economies begin to reopen and social distancing guidelines are relaxed, cities across the U.S. will undoubtedly recover at different rates. Read more
+ Fargo, North Dakota >
City Assessor, City of Fargo See more
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