NACo's analysis of the fiscal impact of COVID-19 on county finances >
NACo’s new research report studies the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on counties and estimates an overall $144 billion budgetary hit across all U.S. counties. The report finds that major county revenue sources that support critical local services are at risk, and that counties are facing significant new expenditures as they work to protect American communities during the pandemic. Read more
The pilgrimage of millennials from high-cost coastal hubs to smaller metros is nothing new. But the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating this demographic shift, say experts, at a time when working from home could become the new normal in many industries — while millions are suddenly finding themselves without work. Read more
Ireland may be known for its verdant landscapes and wide-open spaces. But Dublin — home to two-fifths of the country’s population — is ground zero of a deepening housing crisis. Last year, just 8,000 houses went up for sale on the open market. The lack of shelter has prompted the average Dublin house price to rocket to $405,000, meaning long commutes and high rents. Read more
+ July 6 is deadline to submit materials to run for Board >
Members interested in running for the IAAO Board of Directors should submit candidate materials by July 6. Check out the Elections page for more information. Regular members in good standing will be able to vote electronically from Nov. 1-15, 2020, for the 2021 Regular Board Member and Officer positions. There will not be candidates for Associate Members in 2020. Read more
+ Annual Conference session list released >
The complete list of conference sessions for the 2020 Annual Conference, scheduled for Aug. 30-Sept. 2, is now available to view on the Research Exchange section of the IAAO website. Nearly 100 sessions are scheduled for the conference and online registration is now open. Read more
+ Nominations deadline is May 15 for Awards, Fellows program >
IAAO is accepting nominations through May 15 for its Awards Program and Fellows Program. The Awards Program boasts 17 categories recognizing individual and organizational achievements in several areas, including publications, technical expertise, and service to IAAO. Award winners and Fellow selections are recognized at the IAAO Annual Conference. The Awards Program is a highly visible conference event and all IAAO members and affiliated organizations are encouraged to submit nominations. Fellow nominees are brought forth by the IAAO membership annually and submitted during the awards nominations period. Read more
+ Upcoming webinars on golf property appraisal, historical influence, tax policy standard >
Santa Clara, California, County Assessor Larry Stone will discuss how each generation was influenced by seminal historical moments, from the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s to the end of the Cold War, Sept. 11, the Great Recession, and now, COVID-19, during a free webinar on May 18. On Wednesday, May 13, Laurence A. Hirsh, CRE, MAI, SGA, president of Golf Property Analysts, will speak on Real Estate Tax Assessment for Golf Properties and review the fundamentals of golf course and club real estate tax assessments, and lead a discussion of how the Coronavirus may impact them. On June 3, the Tax Policy Update Task Force will review updates to an IAAO standard on tax policy in  Effective Property Tax Policy and Oversight - A Review of the Revised Standards and Why They Are Important When Considering Property Tax Responses to COVID-19.
+ Live, online version of Course 311 offered in May >
IAAO will offer a live, online version of Course 311: Real Property Modeling Concepts, taught by Larry Clark, CAE, FIAAO. The course will take place over two weeks: Tuesday, May 19; Thursday, May 21; Tuesday, May 26; and Thursday, May 28. The following exam can be taken any time on Monday through Wednesday, June 1-3. “Live online” courses include the digital delivery of course materials and an online exam. Students can sign up at www.iaao.org/onlinecohort
+ IAAO personalized training for R >
IAAO is now offering personalized training on the R software for modeling and spatial analysis, through screen sharing and video conferencing. Paul Bidanset, IAAO Valuation Research Project Manager (and Ph.D. candidate), who has presented at many IAAO and industry events on modeling and other topics, will be providing the training. You can learn R, using real data from your jurisdiction or with data supplied by IAAO. Contact Paul at bidanset@iaao.org for cost details on R training or any other specific training requests.
+ Appraisal Foundation conducting a national job analysis study >
The Appraisal Foundation’s Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) and PSI Services LLC is conducting a survey for a national job analysis study of real estate appraisal professionals. The study will help update the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examinations used across the U.S. to help ensure real estate appraisal professionals meet acceptable standards for competent practice. The purpose of the job analysis is to identify tasks and competencies reflective of the real estate appraiser job role. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact aramirez@psionline.com.
IAAO Connect Corner
+ Hot Topic: Remote workplace resources >
IAAO Connect members are discussing remote workplace resources in the new online community established on the pandemic. The new community was created to assist all assessors and valuers around the world with issues regarding COVID-19. Read more
+ House Democrats' coronavirus aid plan would distribute county, city funding based on population >
Democrats on Capitol Hill are beginning to lay out the terms of their plan to distribute more coronavirus aid to city and county governments, even as Republicans have voiced reluctance to do so in the next federal relief package. House Democrats are expected to release their proposal by the week’s end, which will include formula funding for county and municipal governments. Read more
The blurring of work and home lives might not be just a temporary side effect of the pandemic. Though children will (hopefully) go back to school in the fall, many white-collar workers will be strongly encouraged to work from home at least some of the time over the next year or so. While working remotely confers some mental-health and other benefits, the “job” as we know it might never be the same. Read more
Saving for a down payment on one’s first home is a rite of passage in the United States, one that helps many realize what was and is seen as a part of the American dream. Millennials who witnessed their parents’ misfortune during the global recession of 2008 — many of whom suffered housing devaluations, or worse — are now contemplating the housing ladder themselves. But saving for a 20 percent down payment, the industry standard today, could take them much longer than it took earlier generations. Read more
Stamp duty on property purchases in Sydney could be scrapped as part of a major reform of the local taxation system, New South Wales Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. “There is no better time to rid the states of inefficient taxes that hold back economic growth and I am talking stamp duty and payroll taxes,” Perrottet said. “We are not going to tax our way back into prosperity. Increasing or decreasing taxes is not tax reform." Read more
Hawaii County may take a page from Honolulu’s playbook and tack an extra property tax on multi-million dollar residences. Both County Council Chairman Aaron Chung and Mayor Harry Kim said last week they’re considering an additional tax for residences where the building plus land is valued at more than $1.5 million or $2 million. The extra tax, of another $1-$2 in tax for each $1,000 of value, would be levied against second homes, not those in the homeowner class. Chung estimated the change would raise an additional $6 million to $7 million in taxes. Read more
If you like a little bit of real-life work issues in your down time .... from "Glengarry Glen Ross" to the Oscar-nominated "The Big Short," here’s Hollywood's take on the industry … Read more

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