New Yorkers agree that losing Amazon will hurt. Two-thirds of New York voters think it is bad for the state that Amazon will no longer build a second company headquarters in Queens, according to a Siena College Poll released earlier this week. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the brunt of the blame from voters Siena polled, with 38 percent declaring the freshman Bronx and Queens representative a villain in the situation. Read more
"Read my lips: We want to pay taxes,” Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s global head of public policy, told the nation’s mayors in 2016. In the years since, the home-sharing site has repeated the declaration in press releases, op-eds, emails, and on billboards. On its website, Airbnb says it is “democratizing revenue by generating tens of millions of new tax dollars for governments all over the world.” But when Palm Beach County, Florida, passed an ordinance requiring Airbnb to collect and pay the county’s 6 percent occupancy tax, Airbnb sued. And similar dramas are playing out across the U.S. Read more
The Orleans Parish tax assessor says he’s told convention center officials that a $558 million hotel they’re proposing probably would not be exempt from property taxes — something some center board members say is essential. Assessor Erroll Williams informed officials that he doesn’t see how the planned 1,200-room hotel would qualify for the 40-year exemption valued at $2 million a year. “I find it hard to believe that they don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes,” he said. Read more
+ Limited hotel rooms now available for new IAAO Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. >
A limited number of hotel rooms are now available at the Hyatt Place Washington DC/US Capitol hotel for ELS attendees.  The room rate is $199 per night and can be reserved online.  IAAO's first-ever Emerging Leadership Summit is set for May 30-31 in Washington, D.C. The summit will focus on helping attendees in becoming good leaders and scholarships are available for the event.. The summit will explore emerging trends, leadership issues, professional development, property valuation and land administration for property tax development worldwide. Read more
+ Catch up on valuation issue, trends at IRS meeting >
The joint IAAO and Australian Property Institute's International Research Symposium, April 30-May 2 in Melbourne, Australia, will include programs on global innovations, mass appraisal systems, spatial valuation, reimaging global cities, appraisal and valuation technologies, smart cities, data analytics, a keynote address on trends in Australia, and an optional learning lab on improving valuations with open data. Read More
+ Legal Seminar Call for Papers is open >
IAAO 40th Annual Legal Seminar will Dec. 5-6 in Phoenix and the Legal Task Force is seeking qualified professionals to present on topics of interest to lawyers and assessors. Topics will be considered from the following categories:  unique valuation problems, effective representation, technology, public policy and ethics. Submission deadline for the 200-word abstract is March 31. Send submissions to Heather Steel (steel@iaao.org). Because of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements, speakers must submit a completed written paper by Oct. 1. Read More

+ New Cook County, Illinois, Assessor Kaegi plans countywide listening tour >
Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi next month will launch a listening tour with several suburban stops to allow taxpayers to hear directly from him about his plans for the assessor's office. Kaegi will visit each district in the county at least once, present an update on the office's plans for increased fairness, ethics and transparency, and engage in a moderated "fireside chat" with a community leader chosen by the commissioner of that district. Read more
+ These 25 cities are losing more residents than they are gaining as population declines >
The United States is the third largest landmass of any country in the world. Indeed, Americans have options when deciding where to live. Variables such as topography, climate, tax code, and cost of living – in addition to proximity to family and friends – can all play a role. These factors are somewhat subjective – some may prefer colder climate or a more rural environment, while others may prefer warmer climate in a bustling urban setting. Some U.S. cities, however, are demonstrably more attractive to new residents than others. Read more
Making the state's property tax cap permanent is one way to fight back against New York's anti-business reputation and keep adding fuel to the state's ongoing economic resurgence, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. He said it is especially important to make that cap permanent in light of federal tax legislation that imposed a $10,000 limit on federal deductions for state and local property taxes, commonly known as SALT deductions. Read more
Nick Boniakowski’s clients bought a home in Northern New Jersey in 2016. Now they want to move again. They found a house they liked. It wasn’t the charm of new construction, an upgrade in location, better schools or a swimming pool that attracted them. It was the lower property taxes. Like many of Boniakowski’s clients at Redfin Corp.’s Hoboken office, these two are looking at their returns for the first time since President Donald Trump’s tax changes took effect and, despite more than a year of lead time, experienced a mild freak out. Read more
+ Boise, Idaho >
Property Tax Division for the Idaho State Commission  See More
+ Casper, Wyoming >
Chief Deputy County Assessor for Natrona County  See More
+ Roanoke, Virginia >
Senior Appraiser for County of Roanoke  See More
+ Wichita, Kansas >
County Appraiser for Sedgwick County  See More
+ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania >
Chief Assessment Officer for the City of Philadelphia  See More
+ Olathe, Kansas >
Commercial BOTA Specialist for Johnson County  See More
+ Tallahassee, Florida >
Property Tax Oversight Director for Florida Department of Revenue  See More
+ Chicago, Illinois >
Senior Data Scientist (Residential) for Cook County Assessor's Office See More
+ Rosenberg, Texas >
Chief Appraiser for the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District    See More
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