The Ticking Time Bomb for Suburban Retail >
Thanks largely to the rise of e-commerce, chains like Macy’s, Toys “R” US, and Best Buy are shuttering faster than analysts predicted even a year ago, with at least 24 major retailers planning store closures in 2018. According to some forecasters, there’s an even larger retail apocalypse on the horizon. Read More
Analysis finds move to ‘dark store theory’ would sap $133 million in revenue from county government, schools >
An analysis prepared by Johnson County Appraiser Paul Welcome suggests that a total of nearly $133 million in property tax revenue currently being collected from commercial landowners would disappear if Kansas were to adopt a “dark store theory” approach to valuation. The analysis was prepared as the state Board of Tax Appeals considers cases related to the valuation of Target stores in the state. Read More
Maine group forms to fight town’s tax assessment of home solar panels >
There is something new under the sun these days, as a group of York homeowners have banded together to form the Solar Owners of York Association to fight a decision by the town to assess the solar panels on their homes. SOYA is believed to be the first such organization of its kind in Maine, formed at a time when the state’s municipalities are grappling with how to handle solar panels in the assessing process. Read More
+ Prep & Trial Seminar Set for June 7-8 at UNC >
The 2018 IAAO Preparation and Trial of the Property Tax Appeal Seminar will be held at the University of North Carolina - School of Government on June 7-8. The two-day training for attorneys, assessors, and appraisal personnel who want to be better prepared for appeals. The topics will focus on trial ethics, the use of technology at trial, analyzing appraisal reports, review appraisers and rebuttal witnesses, and trial mechanics. Besides the mock trial, attendees will also hear experts speak, participate in deliberations, and hear panel discussions from various viewpoints. Read More
+ March Webinar on Agricultural Land Valuation >
March's IAAO webinar, "Dirt Is Just Dirt, Isn't It? - Agricultural Land Valuation," will provide participants with a brief glimpse of the history of valuing agriculture land and also a glimpse at the importance of the role that agriculture plays in the economy of the United States. The webinar on Wednesday, March 21st will focus on the valuation of agricultural lands and the current approaches to its valuation. An emphasis will be placed on Use-Value, while other approaches will be shown, as well as some additional assessment tools that can be used in the valuation of agricultural lands. Register for the Webinar
+ Academic Partnership Program funds are available >
University students and faculty are encouraged to apply for IAAO’s Academic Partnership Program grant. This program provides financial support for research in areas related to property appraisal, assessment administration and property tax policy. It also brings together practitioners and scholars to further the mission of IAAO and inspire the exchange and development of innovative ideas within the profession. The deadline to apply is March 30. Read More
+ International Research Symposium April 5-6 in Prague >
Join IAAO, Thomson Reuters, Tyler Technologies, Esri, and Esri Canada in Prague for this unique opportunity to connect globally April 5-6 and hear case studies on how technology is changing property tax systems worldwide. Plan to also attend the forum on April 4 to see possibilities for big data and open data to improve valuations. Register now for the best price. Read More
+ Call for Papers is open for the 2018 Legal Seminar >
Submit abstracts to potentially speak at the IAAO 39th Annual Legal Seminar being held Dec. 13-14 in Chicago. Topics of interest to attorneys and assessment professionals include public policy, ethics, unique valuation problems, technology issues, and effective representation. Submit papers by March 31. Read More
+ Johnson County (Kan.) home appraisals are up, but higher property taxes aren’t inevitable - Opinion >
Johnson County sent out new property appraisal notices in February. Homeowners began squawking a few days later...To them, and to all Johnson Countians, we offer additional advice: Don’t be mad at just the appraiser. It might be time for a good conversation with your city council member, or county commissioner or school board member about how your money is spent. Read More
+ Are Commercial Properties In Cook County Underassessed? It's Complicated >
Willis Tower sold for a record $1.3B in 2015, nearly three times what the County Assessor last valued the building. It has become the most obvious example of the disparity between assessments and sales prices, under fire now more than ever as the Cook County Assessor’s race March 20 primary nears. Read More
+ Homeowner's tax assessment will drop $800,000 after Wisconsin court deems backyard trees agriculture >
Plant the right kinds of trees in your backyard and you could save oodles on your property tax bill, after the state Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday in favor of a Town of Delafield resident. Read More
+ Land Use Charge Act: Lagos State & The Politics Of Taxation >
The government of Lagos State seems to be currently in the eye of the storm over its introduction of a law, a property tax as it were, known as the Land Use Charge Act of 2018, which repeals a similar law of 2001, and consolidates ground rent, tenement rate, and neigbourhood development levy. The Land Use Charge is payable in respect of all real estate in the State. Read More
+ Corvallis, Oregon >
Property Appraiser 3 - Commercial/Industrial for Benton County See More
+ Sarasota, Florida >
Appraisal Operations Director for the Sarasota County Property Appraiser See More
+ Sarasota, Florida >
Commercial Appraiser for the Sarasota County Property Appraiser See More
+ Fayetteville, North Carolina >
Senior Appraisal Specialist for Cumberland County See More
+ Chesterfield, Virginia >
Appraiser IV for Chesterfield County See More
+ Toronto, Canada >
Property Valuation Analyst for Municipal Property Assessment Corporation See More
+ Toronto, Canada >
Property Valuation Analyst PA4, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation See More
+ Greenwich, Connecticut >
Real Estate Appraiser for the Town of Greenwich See More
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