Most people in Ireland have now filed a property return, but thousands of owners claim their properties have a low valuation. Local property tax in Ireland is self-assessed. Statistics from the tax authority show that the valuations on a third of the properties have been put under €200,000.
   This means that close to 430,000 properties are being valued by their owners at under €200,000, despite the fact that property prices have jumped 12% in the past year. These homeowners will have to pay just €90 a year in the tax. The large number of properties with such low valuations has raised fears that homeowners are deliberately under-valuing their homes to pay the smallest amount of the tax possible. Read more

   San Francisco is one of the biggest laggards among U.S. cities trying to bring back workers and revive their business districts. Now, some companies want their property taxes to reflect what could be a permanent reshaping of the one-time boomtown.
   The appeals process marks one of the first indicators of how San Francisco building owners are adapting to a pandemic that emptied office towers, shut down shops and sent people fleeing to cheaper areas. Read more
   A developer accused Madison, Wisconsin, City Assessor Michelle Drea of trying to influence the city’s Board of Review as it was to consider objections to assessments on two properties by offering the members candy bars.
   The ethics board cleared Drea within a few days of the complaint. Drea said she routinely brings candy for board members, staff, those appealing assessments and their representatives as a simple “feel-good gesture.” Read more
Ohio governor appoints two IAAO members
to committee on valuation process
   Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine appointed IAAO members Richard Harold Hoffman, CAE, FIAAO, President and CEO of Appraisal Research Corporation of Findlay, Ohio; and Matt Nolan, Warren County, Ohio, Auditor, to a state committee charged with making recommendations about the valuation process of federally subsidized rental properties.
   The committee includes legislators and representatives of the housing industry, banks, insurance, auditors, and local governments. The committee will create a report with recommendations by July 1, 2022.
IAAO studies of Cook County assessments
in the news
   Professional Consulting Services of IAAO recently completed a second study on assessments in Cook County, Illinois, for Assessor Fritz Kaegi and a number of news outlets picked up the story showing the improvements that have been made in assessment in the office.
   PCS performed independent third-party reviews of the county’s assessment, and the first study, conducted in 2020, looked at the 2018 assessed values of commercial properties and found a median ratio of 61% rather than between 90% and 110%. In addition, the coefficient of dispersion was over 50% rather than 20%.
   The second IAAO study looked at the 2019 assessed values of all properties and showed much improved results following Kaegi’s first year in office. The median ratio came in at 96% before appeals and the coefficient of dispersion was 16.4%.
IAAO to offer USPAP update in February
   Workshop 191: National USPAP 7-Hr Update will be offered live online on Feb. 24. This workshop is offered for continuing education for licensure and certification through The Appraisal Foundation. Workshop 191 provides a general overview of USPAP guidelines, advisory opinions, statements, and other appraisal practices.
   The course is updated each year to address changes to USPAP. The class will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central on Feb. 24 and is open to anyone who has taken and passed Workshop 151: National USPAP and needs to remain current on USPAP. The registration deadline is Feb. 23.
   Register at https://learn.iaao.org/p/IC191FEB22. The cost of the course is $229 for IAAO members and $339 for nonmembers, and includes the current USPAP manual, a $75 value.
March Virtual Instructor Workshop registration deadline is Dec. 31
   The registration deadline for the Virtual Instructor Evaluation Workshop (IEW) for prospective instructors interested in becoming certified to teach IAAO courses live online is Dec. 31.
   The Virtual IEW is an intensive three-day event taking place March 3-5, 2022, and offers potential instructors the opportunity to highlight instructional skills and abilities when delivering IAAO educational material virtually. For more information and to register, go to www.iaao.org/view2022. All IAAO members are welcome to apply, and we are especially looking for individuals who speak a second language.
   Also, IAAO offers a limited number of scholarships. If interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact Director of Professional Development Heather Moser at moser@iaao.org.
Mobile, cloud-based platforms focus of webinar with Data Cloud Solutions, a Woolpert Company
   IAAO Conference partner Data Cloud Solutions, a Woolpert Company, is offering an online seminar at 1 p.m. Eastern on Friday, Jan. 21, on “How Mobile and Cloud-Based Platforms Increase Accessibility, Adaptability, and Productivity for Field and Office Staff.”
   This webinar, presented by Daniel Anderson, vice president, will discuss how your jurisdiction can increase adaptability and productivity of office and field staff, no matter the circumstances. Register here
Resident access and transparency the focus
of Tyler online seminar in January

   Tyler Technologies, an IAAO Conference partner, will be offering a webinar on “Citizen Access and Transparency” at 2 p.m. Eastern on Friday, Jan. 28. Residents have come to expect the convenience of online services — whether they are ordering groceries or shopping for a new house — and increasingly they expect government to deliver the same level of services.
   The pandemic has only increased this demand. Residents need online access to information and to file marriage licenses, pay taxes, etc. Access to property valuation data is now an option.
   Find out how constituents, businesses, agencies, and community organizations can benefit from easy access to high-interest property assessment data online. Not only do these services improve efficiency, but they reduce waiting times and improve resident satisfaction. Register here
Hot topic: the economic impact of nearby Airbnbs
   IAAO Connect members are talking about the effects Airbnb and Vrbo properties have on the values of nearby real estate. Read more
   State legislation passed toward the end of the 2021 regular session was supposed to fix constitutional issues with the way West Virginia assesses the value of property with natural gas production. Instead, no one is happy with the new rules. Read more
   As part of his efforts to review how big retail giant Walmart's local property tax bill should be, Ellsworth City, Maine, Assessor Larry Gardner wanted the company to provide him with copies of its 600 lease agreements it has across the country. The city’s appeals board didn't agree, and rejected his request. Last year, Gardner assessed the value of the Myrick Street property, where Walmart has a Supercenter, at about $20 million but the company is appealing that assessment, saying it should be closer to $10 million. Read more 
   Only one company responded to a call by Idaho lawmakers seeking a third-party to appraise federal land in real-time to find out how much money the state would get paid in property taxes if the land were privately held. Idaho is roughly 63% federal public land, but that land isn’t taxable by local governments.
   The Legislature earlier this year tasked the Committee on Federalism with finding out how much revenue that land would bring in if it were added to the tax roll. Lawmakers on the committee on Thursday expressed concern at the low number of responses to their plan, but took the next step to authorize a request for proposals that could lead to hiring a technology company for the work. Read more
   The Danbury, Connecticut, revaluation, which must be completed every five years, establishes updated real estate assessments for the grand list, according to the city’s website. “The main purpose of property revaluation is to correct inequalities in the tax burden that have developed since the last revaluation,” the tax assessor’s office website states. Read more
A new ratings industry is emerging to help homebuyers assess climate risks
   As climate change fuels large-scale natural disasters, the real estate mantra of “location, location, location” is taking on new meaning. In 2021, homeowners have contended with threats including paralyzing cold on the Great Plains, wildfire evacuations in the West and flooding from the South to New York City and New England. Read more
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