'Extreme disappointment' and 'disgust' from Michigan city commissioners in response to active 'Dark Store' cases >
The Sault Ste. Marie City Commission discussed the consideration of appraisal services for seven active Michigan Tax Tribunal cases in response to lower than usual property taxes. This reduction in taxes could have a ripple effect around the state as schools, libraries, community colleges, local governments, and public safety are all forced to refund money to these retailers and reduce the services they offer or increase taxes and fees on every other taxpayer in the community. The seven cases relate to the value of commercial and industrial property within the city and are similar to the “Dark Store” theory. Read more
Private valuers will now be allowed to process property deals for the purpose of stamp duty in a historic shift that will speed up transfer of land and buildings. Kenya Treasury Secretary Ukur Yatani has allowed the chief government valuer to appoint private practitioners to conduct property valuation on behalf of the government. The move follows nearly 20 years of agitation by property dealers who have argued that a “small pool of valuers” provided by the Ministry of Land was not evenly distributed across the country. Read more
Feat-Right.pngNYC's revenue loss less than feared as property taxes gain >
New York City’s tax revenue from March through August fell by $1.2 billion, or 3.5%, from a year earlier, a smaller decline than expected, as property tax growth helped offset a sharp decline in sales-tax receipts because of the coronavirus pandemic. Property taxes, the city’s largest single revenue source, rose 3.9% to $16.3 billion, according to a weekly economic and fiscal outlook from city Comptroller Scott Stringer. Sales taxes plummeted 23.2%, or $918 million, after the coronavirus shuttered thousands of shops, and restaurants, and dimmed the lights on Broadway. Read more
+ The end of Adobe Flash means new modules     will replace IAAO 800 series >
IAAO will stop selling 800 level courses after Oct. 31 because Adobe is removing Flash Player download pages from its site, and all Flash-based content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after Dec. 31. Anyone who buys these courses through Oct. 31 will be able to run the course through the end of this year. The IAAO Professional Development team is working on replacement courses and has already started creating new learning modules that will be much more engaging with higher quality and current content. The first two scheduled to be released are “The Cost Approach to Value” and “The Sales Comparison Approach to Value.” The release of these and other courseware will be announced in upcoming issues of this publication as well as on the IAAO website, so please stay tuned.
+ Nov. 2 is Legal Seminar early-bird registration deadline >
Monday, Nov. 2, is the early-bird deadline for the 41st Annual Legal Seminar, set for Dec. 3-4, 2020, in Austin, Texas. Attendees can register online or submit a paper form. Fees are $500 for IAAO members and $700 for nonmembers until Nov. 1. After that date, fees increase to $550 for members and $750 for nonmembers. The seminar will take place at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, and the IAAO Meetings Department has been working with hotel officials to offer the seminar safely and responsibly. Topics for the seminar include recent developments in real property taxation, cost of equity relevance to valuation of a public utility, valuation of renewable energy facilities, the impact of Covid-19 on hotel and restaurant values, equal protection challenges in property tax cases, public officials dealing with sovereign citizens, and ethics for lawyers. Read more

+ Elections are Nov. 1-15; add Intelliscan to your email safe senders list >

The Board of Director elections are Nov. 1-15, and IAAO Regular Members should have recently received an email from Intelliscan Inc., the vendor handling the balloting, noting that on Sunday, Nov. 1, members will receive a ballot via email. Members may want to add Intelliscan to their “safe senders list.” Regular members who have not received a ballot by Monday, Nov. 2, should contact John Arbitell at johnarbitell@intelliscaninc.com or call 610-935-6176. Read more
+ Bylaws amendment on this year's election ballot
The IAAO Governance Committee has proposed amendments to the IAAO Bylaws and the IAAO Board of Directors approved its release to be voted on by regular members in the 2020 election, Nov. 1-15. The amendments were compiled by the Governance Committee during a review of the governing documents to ensure that the bylaws are clear, concise, and do not repeat or conflict with other governing document language. A copy of the document with proposed changes is available to view. Read more
+ Renew your IAAO membership today >
IAAO membership dues are now available to pay online via the IAAO website, and members who are not on an agency bill may pay online or return the invoice emailed to them. To pay online, log in to the IAAO website, click on My Account, and then select "Renew My IAAO Membership." With just a few steps you can complete the process. To pay by mail, return the invoice with payment in U.S.$ funds and return to the IAAO Lockbox address on the invoice. Read more
+ October webinar on Residential Waterfront Valuation Techniques >
The October webinar is “Get Creative — Residential Waterfront Valuation Techniques” and is set for noon Central on Wednesday, Oct. 21. The webinar will discuss some techniques employed to improve the tricky appraisal assignment of all types of waterfront property. These techniques have been used with a number of different CAMA systems, which is where the creativity comes in. Two hours of CEUs. The webinar will be presented by Melissa Lombardo, CAE. Online registration is open. Read more
IAAO Connect Corner
+ Hot topics: Covid, multifamily housing >
IAAO Connect members are discussing the falllout from the coronavirus and multifamilty housing values. Read more
The Sarasota County property appraiser has gone to the Florida Supreme Court in a dispute about whether a resident was entitled to a full homestead property-tax exemption after renting two bedrooms to tenants. Read more
Gov. J.B. Pritzker is dumping an Illinois official who’s under investigation for trying to force a state agency to give President Donald J. Trump a refund of more than $1 million on the property taxes he paid on his Chicago skyscraper eight years ago. Mauro Glorioso, executive director and general counsel for the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, will be out of his job as of today as the Trump case continues to cast a cloud over a state agency that’s also grappling with a backlog of about 90,000 tax cases. Read more
+ Man arrested after attacking assessor's county vehicle with a baseball bat >
A man was arrested last week after he allegedly struck an Okanogan County, Washington, Assessor’s Office employee’s vehicle with a baseball bat. The assessor’s employee was appraising property when she was confronted by Edward Conger, 60, and told to leave the property, the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The woman returned to her county vehicle and then Conger allegedly hit the vehicle with a bat, the release said. He was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, intimidating a public servant, and second-degree malicious mischief. Read more
+ Congressional Budget Office releases 2017 data  on household income and tax burdens >
Last week, the Congressional Budget Office published an updated analysis of the distribution of American households’ income and tax burdens for 2017. The CBO data reinforces existing trends in household income and tax burdens, showing that the federal tax system is progressive and incomes continued to rise in 2017 as part of the broader economic expansion post-Great Recession. Read more
+ A Florida mayor's list of 'underassessed' properties has commissioners questioning her motives >
Two Delray Beach, Florida, city commissioners are skeptical of Mayor Shelly Petrolia’s version of how she obtained a list of 29 local commercial properties alleging the properties were significantly underassessed. Many of the properties on the list are associated with her political opponents. Either the agents or the developers themselves often made political contributions to her political foes. Petrolia said she simply suggested that then-City Manager George Gretsas review the assessments. She said she was unaware of the political affiliation of the property owners. Read more
+ Lake Michigan property values in Indiana are climbing despite erosion issues >
Lakefront erosion is not hurting property values for communities along Lake Michigan’s shoreline, where housing prices have been on the rise since months after the COVID-19 pandemic and because of Illinois residents heading across state lines for lower taxes. Read more
+ Lincoln, Nebraska >
Senior Commercial Appraiser, Lancaster County Assessor/Register of Deeds See more
+ Stockton, California >
Transfer Technician Supervisor, San Joaquin County See more
+ Wausau, Wisconsin >
Property Appraiser, City of Wausau See more
+ Fairfax, Virginia >
Real Estate Appraiser II, Fairfax County Government See more
Real Estate Appraiser I, Fairfax County Government See more
+ Chelsea, Massachusetts >
Assessor, City of Chelsea See more
+ Fort Worth, Texas >
Review Appraiser, Confidential See more
+ Troy, Michigan >
Chief Residential Appraiser, Flagstar Bank See more
+ Oakland, Michigan >
Sr. Staff Review Appraiser, (remote) Flagstar Bank See more
+ Oakland, California >
Auditor-Appraiser, Alameda County See more
+ Fayetteville, North Carolina >
Senior Appraisal Specialist, Cumberland County See more
+ Naperville, Illinois >
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, U.S. Bancorp See more
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