To the IAAO Apendium Overview
IAAO is pleased to announce our new Apendium, a single source for the body of knowledge that describes the expertise required to effectively work and succeed within the assessment profession.

The Apendium was developed by a team of subject matter experts and it incorporates input from a survey of IAAO members. Using the links on the left below you can dive directly in your knowledge area interests. If you are new to our industry you can use the links on the right to learn more about the main professional roles and, from there, you can go into the knowledge areas that each role requires.

If you have any questions, please use our Contact page to get in touch with one of our helpful staff members. You may also now purchase the Apendium books on Amazon at https://www.iaao.org/apendiumbooks.
Apendium Overview
This overview provides an opportunity for you to explore the eight key Knowledge Areas (KAs) in which assessors must establish competency. In this area, you can also learn more about the nine major roles that assessment professionals hold and about the skills required in each of those roles. In addition, this area links you to many of the major resources of the IAAO educational ecosystem that we offer to our members.
IAAO has identified nine major roles that professionals hold in our business. These roles are shown below. Click on any of the roles to learn more about the tasks they perform and the knowledge areas that support those tasks.