Amendments approved by members in special election 
Feb. 12, 2024 - During the recent IAAO special election that ended on February 9, the IAAO bylaw amendments overwhelmingly passed.Special-Election-Getty-1205611387_2703912.png

The IAAO Board of Directors requested the membership ratify additions to the IAAO bylaws that would allow the board to establish councils and affinity groups.

“On behalf of the Board I would like to thank the members for their support and the Board will move forward with the creation of the initial groups, Affinity Groups and DEI Council, as swiftly as possible,” said President Rebecca Malmquist, CAE. “IAAO will be providing information on how to apply for an affinity group and how the DEI Council will be structured.”

The amendments passed with approximately 90% of the 1,307 votes in the election, which took place from Jan. 25 to Feb. 9.  Bylaw changes must be approved by a majority of IAAO Regular Members casting ballots and at least 5% of Regular members must vote in the election to constitute a quorum.

Bylaw additions
The updates resulted from a review of the bylaws by the Governance Committee. The additions will add the following to the bylaws:

• Section 9.4. Councils: The Board of Directors may establish councils. The Board of Directors shall determine the scope of the council, its organization, its responsibility, and its specific charge.
• Section 9.5. Affinity Groups: The Board of Directors may establish affinity groups. An Affinity Group is a voluntary membership group that is based on a shared experience, common goal/purpose, and/or special interest.

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