IAAO establishes new online community on COVID-19 issues to assist all assessors share information on crisis
IAAO has established an online public community on COVID-19 to assist assessors and valuers around the world with issues regarding COVID-19. The online community will be open to all assessors, valuers, and partners in hopes of sharing resources, ideas, and discussions.
IAAO Members, and Nonmembers who already have an IAAO account, Connect2_1014923.PNG can access the community by logging in at IAAO Connect, the association's online community. Nonmembers who do not have an IAAO account may sign up for a free IAAO account to access the COVID-19 Community on IAAO Connect.
IAAO encourages discussions on all topics regarding COVID-19 and how you and your jurisdiction or organization are dealing with it, however we ask that participants leave political discussions for other communities. IAAO members will automatically have access to the community.
IAAO has established a COVID-19 Resource page on the website as a starting point to provide information and are hopeful participants can add additional resources and suggestions, plus questions on situations they are dealing to get responses and potential options.
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