GIS for Assessors Book

Have you heard about the upcoming GIS Book for Assessors? Did you know that we’re still searching for more authors to contribute? Before you decide that the IAAO, ESRI, URISA have plenty of highly qualified GIS experts to write this book, you should know that we’re also looking for contributions from all sizes of assessment offices to reflect a wide range of perspectives. This book is intended to benefit people across the entire GIS experience spectrum, including the occasional user in small and mid-sized offices.

How jurisdictions use GIS can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, from small to large jurisdiction. Those differences might include: How you use a GIS to value agricultural land? When there are limited amounts of sales, how do you use a GIS to achieve more accurate assessments? In what ways do you use a GIS to better educate your taxpayers and the general public?

Are you one of the small to mid-sized office assessment professionals that has GIS knowledge to share with your peers? If this is something you’re considering, contact Project Manager Margie Cusack at Margie would be happy to explain the submission process in more detail or to answer any questions you have.