Professional Designations

The fair and equitable assessment of property for tax purposes requires a high level of mass appraisal skills to determine estimates of value, as well as single property appraisal skills for defending assessments before tribunals and reviewing authorities. IAAO has developed and implemented a program of professional designations intended to increase the professional competence of assessment personnel through education.

The objectives of IAAO's professional designation program are to raise the standards of the profession, to attain recognition of the assessment profession by government authorities and the public; and to gain for designated members recognition as qualified, objective, unbiased appraisers and administrators of systems for ad-valorem tax purposes.

Earning a professional designation is a rewarding experience. During the process, you will gain knowledge and experience that will be valuable to your career. IAAO designations signify exceptional competence. Earning a professional designation offers tangible and intangible benefits, which may include a salary increase or additional responsibilities. The benefits include increased confidence and credibility. Pride is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, in that you proved to yourself that you could set a goal and fulfill the requirements necessary for attaining it.

For more information or a candidacy application, please contact Jarron Paronto via email or by phone at 816-701-8137.

Professional Designation Advisor

Professional Designation Advisors (PDA) are professional designees who have volunteered to share their expertise and knowledge of the program with candidates. New candidates are assigned to the PDA, either by geography or specialty.

If you are interested in helping candidates achieve their designation goals and would like to become a PDA, please contact Jarron Paronto via email or by phone at 816-701-8137.

Professional Designation Advisor Handbook (members only)

Designation Recertification

IAAO Designees are required to fulfill continuing education requirements in order to maintain their designation. Earned credit hours abiding to must submitted to IAAO during a designee's five-year cycle.