Candidacy FAQ

Question: Must I be a member of IAAO to become a candidate in the Professional Designation Program?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I am considering becoming a candidate in the Professional Designation Program. I feel I have the knowledge and skills to challenge an examination for an IAAO course. Would it be advantageous to become a candidate prior to challenging the examination?

Answer: Yes. Normally the IAAO fee for a challenge examination is $200. As a candidate in the Professional Designation Program you may challenge IAAO course examinations with the exception of USPAP, Workshop 171, or the IAAO Standards Supplement for $50 per course.

Question: I have not yet met the experience requirement for a designation. May I become a candidate?

Answer: Yes, you may become a candidate. However, the experience requirement must be met by the time you sit for the master examination.

Question: How do I submit my experience for candidacy?

Answer: Complete the required IAAO Candidate Experience Record form to demonstrate your experience.  Along with this form you may submit optional, supporting documentation, such as a resume or letter from your employer. 

Question: Do I need to have all core course requirements met before I become a candidate in the Professional Designation Program?

Answer: No, you may enter the candidacy program at any time. You will have five years to complete all the requirements.

Question: I am ready to submit my demonstration appraisal report to IAAO for grading. Will my report be returned to me upon completion of the grading process?

Answer: No. All submitted demonstration appraisal reports become the property of IAAO and will not be returned to the candidate. Therefore, candidates are instructed to retain a copy of their report.

Question: I have heard that IAAO will now accept an electronic copy of my demonstration appraisal report for grading. Is that true?

Answer: IAAO will now accept either a hard copy of the project by mail or an electronic copy of the project. Please email the electronic copy of the project to Jarron Paronto.

Question: I am a candidate for the Assessment Administration Specialist (AAS) designation and want to complete an evaluation of a jurisdiction’s assessment practices. Does IAAO have any information to help me prepare the report?

Answer: Yes. IAAO offers the “Assessment Practices Self-Evaluation Guide” to assist candidates in writing the report. The book is available on the IAAO website under the Marketplace tab.

Question: I am a candidate in the Professional Designation Program and nearing the end of my five year candidacy. I feel that I need a little more time to complete my requirements. What can I do?

Answer: You may request a one-year candidacy extension. Contact Headquarters for more information.

Question: Does IAAO still accept course equivalencies toward a designation?

Answer: At this time course equivalencies are only accepted thru the University of British Columbia two year Certificate in Real Property Assessment program, specializing in mass appraisal and assessment administration.

Question: When can I take the master examination?

Answer: Candidates may take the master examination after all other requirements have been fulfilled.

If you should have a question about the IAAO Professional Designation Program, you may contact Jarron Paronto via email or by phone at 816-701-8137.